The DELPHI Project is an international collaboration of homeopathic doctors. The name DELPHI stands for ?Documentation and Exchange of Lively and Pure Homeopathic Information? and the idea is to create the facility for the exchange of clinical experiences. We learn most from our patients, from their stories which they tell us and from the experiences they have when they take the homeopathic remedies we prescribe. However, even a very busy homeopathic doctor can only see a limited number of patients over the course of a lifetime of practice. Several practitioners sharing their experiences with each other have the opportunity to be able to learn much more. Additionally, just as all patients are unique and individual, so are all practitioners, so, sharing information gives each doctor new perspectives on the experiences they have in their practices.

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On this site you will find information about the Delphi Project, about its development, about the idea of a case-exchange library, about assessing the quality of your cases and about how to participate in the project.

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